Information Concepting

Privacy Engineering

We take privacy beyond compliance and show how privacy becomes a first-class engineering concept. Regardless of the depth of development of your privacy policy, it only takes a single line of code to reduce that to meaningless text. We provide consultancy and tuition in this area, along with contacts to other privacy partners.

Privacy Tools

We have developed a number of tools for modelling and analysis of systems with emphasis on privacy aspects. These include data-flow modelling, ontologies and terminologies and checklists for engineering and management.

Ontology Development

Development of common terminological structures is critical for disparate professions and disciplines to effectively communicate. We assist in the development of such structures, as exemplified by the privacy terminology ontologies we currently provide along with their integration into our privacy engineering techniques and philosophy.


We currently market the book Privacy Engineering: A Data-Flow and Ontological Approach which explains how privacy can be integrated, modelled, analysed and reasoned about in system development at an engineering level. This book is available via Amazon worldwide.

Privacy Policy
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